Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome to Wading In

I’ve been saying for months that it was time to start a blog. Everywhere I go people say to me, “Be sure to let us know how things are going for you at EDS!” I deeply appreciate this interest in my progress, but I soon began to feel like personal correspondence would take more time than the research required to earn my Master of Divinity degree! Thus, the blog.

So what took so long? Those of you who have met my wonderful husband and IT guy, Rich, know that it wasn’t being intimidated by the technology. I told Rich I wanted a blog, and BAM! I had a blog. No excuses there.

No, it was the name. I was moving right along until Rich asked me, “What do you want to name it?”

Hmmmm. I hope the blog will offer a way to keep in touch with all the wonderful people I meet on this journey, as well as to offer reflections on ministry for years to come. So I wanted something catchy, but not too tied to a particular moment in time. Throw in the fact that I’ve never excelled at short punchy writing, and you have a recipe for complete writer’s block.

But I finally came up with the title above -- Wading In. You’ve probably already caught the obvious pun on my name. But my perhaps unfortunate fondness for puns aside, the more I thought about it, the more appropriate it seemed.

This blog will be about the experience of wading into classes at Episcopal Divinity School, and wading into the new opportunities for ministry that I trust will be coming in the years ahead. I’m also well known for wading into theological discussions, particularly ones where others might have the good sense not to go, and I hope that this will be a place where I can share the resulting reflections with all of you.

But best of all was an image from my childhood, of people being baptized wading into the waters of a lake for immersion. Wading in, they are unsure of their footing, stumbling and uncertain. They are sinners and outcasts, a disparate people of no particular religion, lost to God. But they wade in with the great hope and confidence in God’s promise that He is waiting for them, to grant them newness of life and forgiveness of sin. They wade in hoping to be transformed into people of God, into God’s holy priesthood. And God answers in the waters of baptism.

What a perfect metaphor for my journey. Stumbling and uncertain, often unsure of my footing and sometimes of my destination, I wade in anyway, trusting in God. And God answers, in the water, in the bread and wine, in the people who pray for me and love me.

Wading In. Daring to get our feet wet. Inviting God to transform our lives.

Welcome to my journey. I hope it will prove to be a source of encouragement on your own, as well.